Travel Information

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***Please note that the information provided below is from our Club bylaws and rules and regulations that we expect our travel teams and players to follow.
1. Player Commitment/Club Commitment 
2. Formation of Travel Teams 
3. Selection of Travel Team Coaches 
4. Notification of Tryouts 
5. Travel Team Tryouts 
6. Final approval of Travel Team Rosters 
7. Travel Team Conduct 
8. Outside (POBSC) Players 

If you need any clarification on any rules please contact the Travel; Vice President or your Coach.  
All children who meet the requirements as stated in the POBSC bylaws may tryout for a Travel Team.

All players selected to a Travel Team must have all registration fees paid in full prior to the start of league games in September.

Each player selected to play on a Travel Team is to make a commitment to that travel team prior to his/her selection. That commitment consists of a pledge to attend all travel games before participating in other activities during the seasonal year.

The Board will determine which Travel teams are to be formed and the number of teams registered for each league and other programs. It is the intent of the Board that the formation of a Travel team is based on the continuing development of all members of the Club.

The availability of Travel Teams will be the same for both the boys and the girls programs. Every effort will be made to find coaches for these teams.

Roster sizes are regulated by the various leagues including ENY, LIJSL, SSI, 135 league, and NYCSL.

All Travel Team coaches and assistants MUST be approved by the Executive Board.

The Intramural VP’s will inform Division Heads, coaches and intramural players the date and time of Travel Team tryouts for the current U-9 division. The scheduling of all Travel Team tryouts is determined by the Travel Vice President. The Travel Vice President, through the travel coaches, will inform Travel Team players of travel tryouts. Travel Team tryout information will be posted on the Club’s website.

Newly formed teams must hold a minimum of two (2) tryouts, no exceptions.

All existing teams must hold a minimum of one (1) tryout, no exceptions.

Commencing with all travel teams formed for the Fall 2006 season, and subsequent travel teams formed thereafter, a player selected by the coach of the first team, (or second team, if the first team does not select player) in a multiple team age group may not decline to play on such team, except for good cause (as determined by the Travel Vice President, subject to executive Board review).

For every game, all players must play at least the minimum playing time. By every game, the Board means that this rule applies to league, challenge cup, state cup, tournaments and indoor games. Exceptions to the minimum playing time rule are: injury, inappropriate behavior, and/or failure to attend team minimum playing times.

In situations of inappropriate behavior and/or a players failure to attend sessions regularly, the travel team coach MUST inform the Travel Vice President if he/she intends to play the player less then the minimum playing time.

Age Group Minimum Playing Time
U10 thru U12 40% of the game
U13 thru U14 1/3 of the game
U15 thru U17 1/3 of the game
U19 No minimum playing time

No child, under 13 years old, outside of the Plainview Old Bethpage community, defined by zip codes 11803 and 11804 shall be permitted to play on any travel team, the following exceptions shall apply:

• Any child who has played intramural soccer for two (2) years shall be permitted to play on travel teams. Said child shall be deemed to be a resident of the Plainview Old Bethpage community. Any child over the age of 13 will be permitted to tryout and play travel soccer in the POBSC.
• If there is inadequate registration within the POB community to form a travel team in the groups of U10 & U11, then children from outside the community may be recruited, may try out for, and may immediately play for a POB travel team. Any non-residing child who makes a travel team shall be deemed a resident, and therefore in the future may not be bumped from a travel team on a basis of non-residency.

Lost Travel Passes

Travel Passes, any coach who loses their pass will be pay $50.00 to receive a new pass. Remember without a pass, no individual will be allowed on the player's sideline during the game.

Travel Team Fund-raising

No team will be allowed to fund raise within the within the zip codes of 11803 & 11804. These areas are strictly used for fund-raising for the POBSC as an entity. Any individual or team who violates this rule will be brought before the POBSC Executive Board for a hearing and possible punishment.

Travel Team/Intramural Team Interaction

No child or parent will be asked to play for a travel team while still enrolled in our Intramural program without prior written consent and permission give by the POBSC Executive Board.
Playing time and Managing Expectations
As each player, parent and coach move through the travel soccer experience occasionally there might be some concerns or sometimes a conflict might arise that is needed to be taken to the next step.

Let's all remember that this is still just a recreational activity and we should all act accordingly. POBSC has a few short suggestions for all to follow;

1. Never discuss any disputes regarding i.e. playing time or a child's playing position with a coach during game day or around the children.

2. If at all possible try and wait until the next day and contact your coach to try and discuss the situation in a calm and rational manner. Again please remember that it is all about the children.

3. As with the intramural level, let's try and cheer on all the members of your team and try and keep any negativity inside rather then say something that we might regret later on.

4. As a club we have initiated a simple chain of communication in the case of any and all issues that might arise over the course of each season.

This starts with the teams Head Coach who reports to a Travel Division Head who then reports to the Vice President of Travel who then reports to both the Executive Vice President and the President of the club. It is very important for all to remember that as a club, the number ONE priority is the well-being of the child and with that being said, every effort will be made to ensure that each situation (no matter how small or large) will be reviewed and be given the proper attention that it deserves.

5. Please remember that all the coaches are just volunteers and are the same people that you will be seeing in Shop Rite and around town well after your children will be finished playing soccer.

6. Finally let's go out each and every day and have fun; win lose or draw.