ENYYSA Concussion Protocol

UpdatedMonday August 21, 2017 byPOB Soccer.

As you should be aware, in December 2015, the US Soccer Federation (USSF), under its' Recognize to Recover player safety campaign announced several Best Practices regarding Injury Prevention. These directives apply to all US Soccer youth affiliates, including LIJSL/ENYYSA/US Youth Soccer and were effective January 1, 2016. Included within these directives were very important policies regarding concussions. In February, our State Association announced to it's 11-member leagues, it's formal ENYYSA Concussion Protocol. This policy is effective for ALL matches (League, League Cup, State Cup, State Premier League) under ENYYYSA's sanctioning and jurisdiction. Specifically, it states; If a player is suspected of having a concussion, by the referees, team officials, or league officials the player will be withdrawn from the game immediately.

That players card will be retained by the referee. A notation made on the line up card and and that card and player pass sent to the League office, with an incident report within 24 hours.

Once the league receives a medical clearance from a Health Care Professional (MD, DO, or athletic trainer who is certified in concussions) the player pass should be mailed back to the coach via express mail, on the next business day, with a copy of the correspondence to the parents.

When LIJSL receives notification of a player being removed from a match suspected of having a concussion, the league will notify the players home club. When the home club receives medical clearance of that player to return to activities (matches or training), they will forward this onto the league. Upon receipt, the league will return the player pass to the club or coach as directed by the home club.