Intramural General Information

UpdatedTuesday August 6, 2019 byPOB Soccer.

POBSC has a long standing tradition of placing the welfare and growth of a child over the need for intense competition.  With that being said, our intramural program is designed for all children who register to play at "grade" level and to grow both as children and soccer players under as stress-free environment as possible.  Since 1974, POBSC has helped develop children to gain both a love for the sport as well as a true sense of belonging within a community.
Please review the following information below to have a better understanding of how all children who participate in POBSC are registered and placed in a particular division.
  • Little Nugget Program 
    • For all children who are 3 years of age by January 1st for the Fall Season.  Children 2 1/2 years of age as of December 31st of the Fall registration season will be eligible for the Spring season.
  • (U5) Pre-K Division 
    • For all children who are 4 years of age by January 1st to December 31st of the registration season, or are enrolled in a pre-k program.
  • (U6) Kindergarten Division 
    • For all children who are 5 years of age by January 1st to December 31st of the registration season, or are enrolled in Kindergarten.
  • (U7)  Division 
    • For all children who are 6 years of age by January 1st to December 31st of the registration season, or are enrolled in the 1st Grade.
  • (U8) Division
    • For all children who are 7 years of age by January 1st to December 31st of the registration season, or are enrolled in the 2nd grade.
  • (U9) Division 
    • For all children who are 8 years of age by January 1st to December 31st of the registration season, or are enrolled in the 3rd grade.
  • PDI Program - 
    • For children registered in POBSC in either the U8 or U9 Divisions ONLY.  This program is with a partnership with LIJSL in order to participate a child MUST be registerted play in our Intramual Program as well.  NO child can participate in any PDI event without playing their weekly Intramural game.
  1. Playing time is at least 50% of game time whenever game time and number of kids per team permits.
  2. From 1st grade on, coaches are EXPECTED to have AT LEAST one practice session per week.
  3. Unless called by a coach within 1 hr of game time, players must come to the field. Cancellations will also be posted on the website.
  4. The outermost layer of clothing MUST be the POBSC official uniform for that age group. An official uniform is described as a soccer jersey, shorts, socks. In addition, all players MUST wear shin guards under their official socks. Any other clothing such as Underarmor, sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc. must be worn UNDER the official POBSC uniform.
  5. Sneakers are only allowed for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten players. Thereafter, soccer cleats are required
  6. In cold weather, gloves and ear warmers are allowed to be worn.
  7. Jewelry of any kind is not allowed. Any child who has recently (within 30 days) had their ears pierced may place either a piece of tape, headband or a band-aid over the earrings. All other children will not be able to participate on the field of play with earrings on.
  8. Hoods and hats are not allowed, except for observance of religion.
  9. During the Pre-k and Kindergarten years, we recommend all children wearing corrective lenses should use athletic safety glasses or at the very least use a protective (holder) support band. Upon entering the first grade, Due to safety concerns NO child will be able to participate wearing anything but athletic sport glasses.
  10. Players should remain on one side of the field; Parents on the opposite side.
  11. Parents are not allowed near or behind goals.
  12. All school signs MUST be obeyed. This includes, no smoking, drinking, or pets are allowed.
  13. Players and Parents MUST be respectful towards coaches, club officials and, most importantly, the referees. Failure to do this can result in expulsion from the playing area and/or expulsion from the soccer club.
  14. Players must shake hands after the game as a sign of good sportsmanship. Inappropriate behavior during this ceremony will not be tolerated.
  15. Players and parents are EXPECTED TO CLEAN UP after their games before leaving the field.
Other Details:
  • Friend requests (2-3 max and must be mutual) may be honored at the little nugget, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten level only.  Alll divsions U7, U8 & U9 are drafted teams and requests are NOT granted, as these teams are selected through a "drafting"  system.
  • The Club will hand out official uniforms appropriate for each age group as needed.
  • Each Team has one head coach and up to two assistant coaches.
  • No more then a 3 - 4 goal differential should take place at any game.
  • Each division has one division head and as many coaches and teams as possible to serve the needs of the age group.
  • Boys division heads report to the Boys VP of Intramurals; Girls division heads report to the Girls VP of Intramurals.
  • The VP of Intramurals report to an Executive VP and the President.
  • Any questions or concerns by players or parents should be addressed to the player's head coach first, then if necessary in the following order until satisfaction is achieved: Division Head, VP of Intramurals, Executive VP and President.