Welcome to our Referee program

UpdatedThursday April 14, 2016 byPOB Soccer.

Welcome to the POBSC Referee Program: all children in the 8th grade and above are eligible to participate in this in-house program. It is important to remember that when a youth is refereeing a soccer match, he or she is an integral part of the game and to earn the respect of all involved they must first respect the game and all its participants first. 

Please note the following;

1. All referees will be supervised by Jen Reamer

2. To become a member of the Referee Program - the applicant MUST be a "in good-standing" with POBSC.

3. Upon receiving your assignments, if you have any conflicts please contact your supervisor immediately.

4. Please report to all games 10 minutes prior to the start of the game.

5. Upon arriving at the field, please report directly to the Division Head for for field assignment.

6. Failure to report to any games without prior approval will result in expulsion of refereeing privileges.