L.I. Cup

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The cup is a single elimination knock-out tournament that is held each spring in addition to regular league play. Teams play over a series of months and are grouped based on their current spring division alignments; the major division is normally composed of the 20 teams from the top two divisions of league play. The alignments from division 3 and down make up the intermediate to minor brackets.

Long Island Cup (Chase Cup, Waldbaum's Cup)

In the late 1970's the league decided to conduct a Cup Tournament for all league teams. Through a single elimination format, every team in all age groups compete against each other across division alignments for the opportunity to earn the title of Long Island champion for their age group. In 1982, Chase Bank offered to sponsor the tournament, turning the LI Cup into the Chase Cup. Teams that reached the semi-finals were awarded t-shirts, finalists received trophies, and the winner hoisted the coveted Chase Cup Champions Trophy.

As the league continued to grow and more divisions were added to each age group, it became necessary to divide the tournament into three brackets; Major, Minor, Intermediate, and Minor. The tournament begins in March and runs through the Spring season, and over time has become the largest single-elimination soccer tournament in the world with more than 22,000 competitors (boys and girls, ages 9-19).

After ten years of overseeing the growth of the tournament, Chase was unable to continue on as the sole sponsor of the event. However, another Long Island community stalwart, Waldbaum's, stepped up as a co-sponsor. In 1995, Chase had to drop its sponsorship of the tournament due to its merger with JP Morgan, and Waldbaum's took over sole sponsorship of the Waldbaum's Cup. In 2002, Vytra Health Plans also made a generous donation towards the tournament. Waldbaums continued on as the only sponsor of the Cup from 2003 to 2010, but Bankruptcy proceedings for the store's parent company, A & P, in 2011 forced the event's sponsor to step down. The tournament went on as the LI Cup for the first time since 1982.