Pemission to Travel

UpdatedMonday August 21, 2017 byPOB Soccer.

Teams Traveling To A Tournament 
  • If your team is attending any USSF Affiliate tournament such as US Club, AYSO, SAY and Super Y, the team Manager/Coach must complete our on-line "Travel Authorization" at least 72 hours prior to the tournament start date, regardless of where you are traveling to.  
  • Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA) has extended member benefits to include insurance coverage to all registered teams participating in a USSF affiliate organization tournament, such as US Club, AYSO, SAY and Super Y. The team must not be under suspension or in bad standing with any organization.
  • ENYYSA recognizes that registered teams desire to compete is a multitude of soccer events. Therefore, this valuable service is effective immediately.
In using the ENYYSA Travel Authorization System, I hereby agree to the following;
  • The information provided is accurate and I am proceessing 72 hours before the tournament start date.
  • All players who are rostered to the team indicated are age eligible, properly registered with ENYYSA and meet all the event requirements to which your team is applying.
  • The team is not under suspension or in bad standing with any organization.
  • This notification is valid for all sanctioned U.S. Soccer Federation events (i.e. United States Soccer Association, US Club, AYSO, Super Y and SAY). All rostered players / coaches have medical and liability insurance from ENYYSA.
  • Violation of this agreement may result in disciplinary action taken against the team, coach, club or all.