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Plainview Old Bethpage Soccer Club is very proud to announce the partnership with Long Island Junior Soccer League for their new PDI (Player Development Program) for our current U9/U8 age group.  This program will now allow our current U9/U8 children the advantage to play in both our current POBSC Intramural program as well as a formal developmental (more competitive) venue overseen by Long Island Junior Soccer League.

The advantage for those children who register for this additional soccer program is that it will allow these individuals the opportunity to play in games against competition from teams throughout Long Island in a very formal but truly “developmental process” under the guidelines of our (POBSC) own professional trainers & coaches under the umbrella of LIJSL.

As with any program there are formal rules and guidelines that must be adhered by all to promote the success for both children and program alike:

  1. In NO WAY does the formation of these teams constitute any formal makeup of future U10 travel teams within POBSC; all PDI teams will be constructed by current Division Heads.
  2. During the week, there will be practices under the guidance of the professional trainer assigned to coaching the team each weekend.
  3. Any child wanting to participate MUST be a current registered (in good-standing) member with POBSC during the year of PDI play.
  4. Any child wanting to participate MUST register during the time-frame allotted for “Open PDI Registration” as set by Division Heads on Sports Illustrated Signup
  5. A child must have to submit a valid Birth Certificate as well as downloaded a photo (head shot ONLY) on the POBSC registration website – Sports Illustrated Signup prior to end of registration to receive their player pass and registration within LIJSL.
  6. Upon being placed upon a particular team, both the child and parent need to understand  to be eligible to play each week – they MUST play in their weekly scheduled intramural game, NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
  7. As teams are set up prior to the season starts – movement between teams is a potential as the season progresses.  Those children who show the aptitude to potential play at a higher level will be give the opportunity during the season.
  8. Uniforms’ & Equipment – each child representing POBSC must:
    1. Players MUST wear their POBSC Shirt, Shorts & Socks – (No exceptions).
    2. Shin Guards – all children MUST wear shin guards “under” their uniformed socks.
    3. Eye Wear – if the need arises where a child needs corrective lenses, they MUST be approved Sports Eyeglass wear to be eligible to play under the guidelines of LISRA (Long Island Referee Association).
    4. Cold Weather – in the event of cold weather a child may wear a “hoodie”, but the hood part MUST be tucked into the uniform shirt.
    5. No jewelry – including earrings or, bracelets may be worn during play.
  9. Player, Coach & Parental Behavior – please allow the children to play - the refs to ref -  and the coaches to coach the game, with that said:
    1. Any Player who receives a Red card will be given a (2) two game suspension.
    2. Any Coach who receives a Red Card will be dismissed from the program for its entirety and will not be eligible to coach in the PDI Program as a representative for POBSC for the season carded as well as future season during that current year.  I.e. –if a coach receives a Red Card in the Fall Season – they will not be eligible to coach in PDI for the Spring season as well.  If they have another child playing for the opposite gender and are coaching for that child as well, they will be prohibited from coaching as well for the same time frame.
    3. Parents & Spectators – as we are under the guidelines of both POBSC & LIJSL, any individual who cannot adhere to the Zero Tolerance Policy will be removed from the field and subject to further punishment.  There is NO room in this program for the following:
      1. Negativity from the sidelines
      2. Comments or questioning of Referee calls.
      3. Coaching of “any-type” from ANY spectators from the sidelines
      4. Negative comments generated regarding coaches, trainers or players including play time, positions or any nature regarding the game or opposing teams will not be tolerated and be reported to both POBSC and LIJSL for further review.
  10. Game Play
    1. Each child is expected to be present to all games and or practices as requested by the Coach.
    2. Play time – if a child has adhered to all items requested by their coach: each child MUST play a minimum 50% of each game assigned; this is a POBSC Rule not LIJSL.
    3. Positions – this will be at the discretion of the coaches – but as a developmental program a child should have the opportunity to play several positions throughout the season with the exception of goalie.  In short, as per USSF at this age “no child should be “pigeon-holed” to one position (offensive or defensive).
    4. As with current guidelines set forth by POBSC – there is a “5 goal rule” – no POBSC team will have more than a 5 goal “winning “differential.   Upon conclusion of the game if there is greater than a 5 goal winning differential, both the coach and trainer will be called in to meet with the POBSC Travel Committee for a hearing and potential subject to suspension.

Please remember that PDI is strictly a volunteer “Development Program” to help enhance the skills both on and off the field for children interested in more soccer.  It is a more competitive program as well as an additional commitment to our existing intramural program.  Prior to registering your child please in this program please have this conversation with them.

Thank you.

POBSC Board of Directors